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Centrifuge and Test Tubes
Product Number: 352001


Mô tả

352001 – 17×100 mm, 14 ml polystyrene round bottom test tube with a 1400 RCF rating. Sterile. With dual-position snap cap. (500/ca)
• Provides reliable containment of laboratory fluid samples.
• BD Falcon™ tubes are widely referenced in published procedures and protocols.
• Polystyrene tubes are best suited for procedures requiring high optical clarity.
• Dual-position snap caps with heavier gauge walls and unique construction provide a secure, positive seal.
• Individual packaging allows aseptic access.

Key Product Features
Availability US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Japan, Mexico
Product type Round bottom test tubes
Brand BD Falcon™
Cap Dual-position snap cap
DNR (Latex) free? Yes
Material Polystyrene tube, Polyethylene cap
RCF Rating 1400 RCF
Size 17×100 mm
Sterile? Yes
Type Polystyrene Tubes
Volume 14 mL