Thermo Plate®


The ThermoPlate utilizes a special transparent heating material coated onto a hard glass. The ThermoPlate can be used for observing or manipulating specimen under phase contrast, surface ensures easy operation of the microscopes and relocation of specimen.

A sensor built in the plate ensures excellent heat conductivity between the temperature sensor and the middle part of the plate section, thus minimizing overshoot at power up and temperature fluctuation of the plate surface due to disturbance.

The PID control adopted adopted standard for the ThemoPlate providers ideal temperature control, The PID control also minimizes overshoot so that accurate and stable temperature control can be ensured at all times.


Mô tả

Main Applications Sperm vitality test, ova collections, observation of tissue culture status.

MATS-U55S/U505S are universal types, applicable to all upright microscopes of all makes.

The plate is to be installed in the mechanical stage and operated to both X-Y directions.

Wide and flat plate surface ensures efficient utilization of the whole area of the heating surface and easy handling of specimens.

(130mm × 100mm : wide enough to place four slide glasses at the same time or one 100mm dish.)

It is basically designed for upright microscopes, but also applicable to stereo microscopes.

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Appicable Microscopes

AxioImager. Axioscope. Axiophot2. Axioplan2. Axioskop. Axiolab.
with Mechanical Stage
Axio Examiner Mechanical Stage:432035-9000/9070

Model : MATS-U55S

Glass thickness : 1.0 mm DL