Integra Ti


The Integra Ti™ is accurate, simple to use and reliable. It has been designed to offer the ultimate in user control. Simple pipette set-up and angle adjustment reduce the time of ICSI procedures, therefore optimising results.

The Integra Ti™ is the ultimate micromanipulation workstation and, when coupled with RI’s high commitment to after-sales service, offers an unbeatable package.

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Specimen temperature control

The Integra Ti has a unique temperature control system – accurate to 0.1ºC. Separate channels control the central stage insert and two additional areas, for extra Petri dishes.
Controlled by a touch screen, you can be confident of the most accurate temperature control available today.

Heated glass insert

In addition to the standard metal heated insert, the Integra Ti has the option of an RI or Tokai Hit heated glass insert. Using the latest ITO technology, heat is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the Petri dish, eliminating the central cold spot.

Stage movement

The Integra Ti uses a built-in XY mechanical stage for manipulation of the Petri dish.


The Integra Ti comes with two syringes included as standard. We offer both air and oil syringes with this system. Our very popular SAS air syringes give superb control and eliminate the need for oil. Our new SOS oil syringe is now available with a quick fill feature to reduce set-up time.

Pipette location

The toolholders provide the simplest and quickest method ever for setting-up micropipettes. The toolholders, when used with a special objective and spacer (supplied), allow the micropipettes to be set-up 14mm above the Petri dish and then rapidly lowered to the desired position, preventing micropipette damage. The toolholders also have a special angular adjustment which allows the user to adjust the angle of the pipette with a single control without moving the tip of the pipette. Unique to RI, this feature makes it easy to ensure that the micropipette is slightly “toe-down” during sperm immobilisation and horizontal during sperm injection. This reduces the damage caused to the oocyte and therefore increases its chances of survival and hence development. For PGD, RI has developed a unique double toolholder which offers independent movement of both micropipettes.


Movement of the micropipettes is provided by RI’s exceptional TDU5000 micromanipulators, offering the most accurate and precise positioning available. Each micromanipulator offers both fine and coarse ZYX control and comes with our latest range of toolholders. The TDU5000s are extremely reliable and rarely require servicing. Being purely mechanical they do not suffer from delay as in electronic micromanipulators or lost motion and drift common in hydraulic systems.

Feature: Description:
Fine control joystick: x,y and z control from a single lever

Sub-micron resolution

5mm z travel

Coarse control joystick:x and y control

10 micron resolution

4mm x and y travel

Toolholders:Single control pipette angle adjustment- 15 to 40 degrees. Vertical, axial and rotational movements

Provides rapid pipette location in seconds

Heated plates:Metal heated insert as standard- Can be upgraded to an RI or Tokai Hit glass ITO insert

3-channel independent control

Touch screen set-up and control

Two additional stage inserts for extra dishes

All heated plates calibrated to +/- 0.1oC

60mm x 24mm digital display of all temperatures

XYM Mechanical stage:2.5mm stainless steel stage plate

40mm travel in X and Y, 28 mm per turn

Help menu:60mm x 24mm digital help menu for pipette set-up etcSyringes:Choice of SAS-SE, SAS11/2-E air syringes and SOS oil syringeSystem weight:18Kg for complete system inclusive of 2 SAS Air SyringesDimensions (W x D x H):Integra Ti stage = 54cm x 31cm x 7cm Complete boxed system including syringes = 69cm x 69cm x 51cmMains input:100-240V, 50/60Hz

Order codes:An Integra Ti comes as standard with a metal central heated stage insert, two single toolholders, an XYM mechanical stage and two SAS11/2-E syringes- Please state any required options with your order Integra Ti order code: For use with:
6-50-700 Olympus IX50 / IX70
6-50-710 Olympus IX51 / IX71 / IX81
6-50-730 Nikon Eclipse TE200/300
6-50-734 Nikon Eclipse Ti/TE 2000
6-50-747 Nikon Diaphot 200 / 300
6-50-760 Zeiss Axiovert 200
6-50-770 Zeiss Axiovert 100 / 135
6-50-775 Zeiss Axiovert 40
6-50-780 Leica DMIRB
6-50-785 Leica DMIL
6-50-790 Leica DMIRE2
6-50-792 Leica DMI3000/4000/6000