• Chambers

    REEZE CONTROL ® cryochambers are unique . The design ensures symmetrical heat transfer from all specimens to Liquid Nitrogen.
    The highly conductive material used for the chamber ensures a very high degree of temperature uniformity of each specimen whether Liquid Nitrogen levels are high or low. The conductive core of the chamber, and the tight thermal coupling between specimens and core, ensure that Latent Heat is efficiently removed during the nucleation process.


  • Controllers

    All controllers have selectable mains power, and can be run from a dedicated Power Pack. A range of preprogrammed and programmable temperature controllers is available. Preprogrammed Controllers have an internal program chip which contains the program information required to run the freezer system; Programmable Controllers can be run from any IBM compatible PC using our proprietary software (CryoGenesis™).


  • CryoBaths

    FREEZE CONTROL® CryoBaths are insulated Liquid Nitrogen containers, available in two capacities.
    A range of lids is available to suit the type of CryoChamber being used.