• MVE Liquid phase storage tanks

    Whatever you need in terms of storage capacity, tank volume or nitrogen consumption – MVE offers the widest range of compact aluminium storage tanks on the market today. The combination of a most advanced insulation system, a superior vacuum retention system and a robust, lightweight aluminium shell assures optimum performance over many years. Get an overview of the top-selling product lines here.


  • MVE Vapor phase storage tanks

    The MVE Highe Efficiency (HE) / Vapor series is designed for the user who needs everything – low temperature vapor phase storage at -150 or even -190°C, easy maintenance, high degree of automation and low liquid nitrogen consumption.


  • MVE Vapor Shippers

    MVE Vapor Shippers
    MVE Vapor Shippers are designed for the safe transportation of biological samples at cryogenic (-150°C or colder) temperatures. Fabricated from durable, lightweight aluminum, they employ a hydro-phobic absorbent that contains the liquid nitrogen for “spill-free” shipping. The absorbent also repels moisture and humidity, assuring the maximum holding time, which eliminates the necessity to dry out the units between uses.