Cell-Tek chambers

Cell-Tek chambers are an essential part of good laboratory

New Brunswick™ Galaxy® 170 R

Galaxy 170 R CO2 Incubators are high-capacity, 170 liter incubators that provide superior

Pepette 1ml

Pipets and Pipetters Product Number: 357521 357521 – 1 ml

Petri 100mm

Cell Cultureware Product Number: 353003 353003 – BD Falcon™ 100

Petri 60mm

Cell Cultureware Product Number: 353802 Key

Petri 35mm

Cell Cultureware Product Number: 353001 353001 – BD Falcon™

PH Meter

The RI pH Meter provides accurate, real-time analysis of

IVF Thermometer

The IVF Thermometer from Research Instruments has been specially designed

VOC Meter

The RI VOC Meter is the smallest handheld monitor