G185 Long Term Flat Bed Incubator

K-Systems – Denmark

Experience the K-SYSTEMS innovative Long Term IVF Incubator for optional environment conditions for embryos. An unique space saving stacking system makes the IVF incubator an attractive alternative to conventional incubators.

More than 1000 installations worldwide

  • Low gas consumption and low cost operation with integrated CO₂ / N₂ gas mixer
  • Grade A air quality circulates through HEPA/VOC filter and UV light
  • Temperature stability – 6 separate sensors to control and regulate temperature
  • Extensive data logging and alarm system
Standard features of G185 incubators

  • All crical parametres are monitored and controlled chamber by chamber, which ensures:
    · Stable pH
    · Stable heating
    · Stable gas levels
  • The chamber-by-chamber temperature control combined with the direct heat from the heating plates to the cultures ensures optimal temperature conditions at all times.
  • The integrated gas mixing system gives you the option to mix CO₂ and O₂ to your specificaons. Before entering the gas mixing chamber, the gas circulates through mulple filters:
    · H EPA filter to remove airborne parcles
    · U V light to eliminate organic microbes
    · VOC filter to remove organic compounds
  • The special flow system ensures constant grade A gas in each chamber. Each individual chamber recovers in less than 2 minutes.
  • The G185 is a non-humid incubator, which strongly minimizes the risk of fungal growth inside the incubator and makes it easier to clean. The use of the oil overlay helps separate the medium from the atmosphere and any airborne particles or pathogens.
  • The incubator includes 10 individual incubation chambers to ensure minimal metabolic stress and risk of cross contamination for the embryos.
  • The G185 is equipped with extensive alarm and monitoring options. This assures you that the conditions in the incubator are constantly monitored and you can react quickly if conditions changes.

Specifications G185 Standard G185 SensorTech
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 850x558x152.5 850x558x152.5
Weight 38 kg. 38 kg.
Temperature range ambient to 42.9 °C 42.9 °C
CO₂ / O₂ range 2-10% / 2-20% 2-10% / 2-20%
Gas consumption 0.7 l/h CO₂ & 7 l/h of N₂ 0.7 l/h CO₂ & 7 l/h of N₂
Recovery time CO₂ < 2 min.
O₂ < 4 min.
CO₂ < 2 min.
O₂ < 4 min.
Data logger software – alarm functions Yes Yes
Option PH Monitoring   Yes
Option external CO₂ sensors   Yes
Option external temp. sensors   Yes